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1. Please read the instructions prior to usage.

2. First, plug product into a power outlet, then hold down the power switch for 2-3 seconds until the light turns on. You can adjust the temperature with the left and right buttons, the maximum temperature is 210° C degrees. 180° C degrees is the recommended ideal temperature.

3. Make sure your hair is dry, and then use the appliance to curl sections of your hair, starting from the top working your way down.

4. Once you have completed your full head of hair, make sure to hold the power button down until the device is showing as OFF, then allow it to cool normally, and store.



1. Do not use the appliance if the plug or wire is damaged.

2. Do not use the appliance on a soft and flammable surface such as your bed or sofa.

3. Do not use the appliance near a water source.

4. Do not use the appliance near a fire source or in high temperatures.

5. Do not store the appliance while it is on, or hot.



1. Prohibit children from touching the appliance whilst on or resting to avoid scalding.

2. Please maintain distance between the appliance and skin whilst on or resting to avoid scalding.

3. Prohibit using the appliance with wet hands or wet hair.

4. Please do not place the appliance in bathroom or damp conditions to avoid electrocution or damaging the appliance.

5. To clean the appliance, the surface should only be wiped down. If the appliance gets wet, make sure it is completely dry before usage again.



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