Zoom Tidal Waver Value Bundle (SAVE 40%)
Zoom Tidal Waver Value Bundle (SAVE 40%)
Zoom Tidal Waver Value Bundle (SAVE 40%)
Zoom Tidal Waver Value Bundle (SAVE 40%)
Zoom Tidal Waver Value Bundle (SAVE 40%)

Tidal Waver Value Bundle (SAVE 40%)

$99.00 Regular price $179.00


This bundle comes with:
x1 Tidal Hair Waver (Retails for $129)
x1 Heat Protectant Glove
x1 Tidal Hair Slicker (Retails for $24.95)
x1 Tidal Dermaplaning Kit (Retails for $24.95)



Our game-changing Tidal Hair Waver will give you big beautiful waves with its large triple barrels. This beauty tool is a must have. 

✨ Quick & Easy to Use - Simply clamp down on your hair & release, covers large surface area quickly
✨ Big Epic Waves - Extra large barrels means big, bouncy waves
✨ Heats Up Instantly
✨ Temperature Control - Settings to suit all hair types 
✨ Payment Options - Afterpay & Sezzle
✨ High-Grade Ceramic Barrels - Great for smoothing out hair and reducing frizz, holds heat well and encourages even heat distribution
✨ Universal Voltage - Great for international travel


Our Tidal Hair Slicker Wand is the secret to achieving perfect slick hair ALL DAY!

Designed for those who wear their hair up in a ponytail or bun, but struggle with those annoying baby flyaway hairs.

Formulated to hold your hair in place all day without leaving your hair crunchy, oily, hard or dirty - no more hair spray, gels or pins! Suitable for all hair types.


Our Tidal Healthy Hair Powder is a unique blend of quality ingredients that will leave your hair glowing from the inside out. This powder supports healthy hair growth as it is rich in collagen and has high potency nutrients.

Marine Collagen helps to support improved skin elasticity, hair growth and bone strength.

Keratin is a type of protein that makes up your hair, skin and nails. Taking a Keratin supplement supports smooth and easy to manage hair.

Hyaluronic Acid is well known for it's skin benefits, alleviating dry skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

✨ Thick, strong hair with less breakages
✨ Luscious, shiny hair
✨ Skin hydration and elasticity
✨ Joint, bone and muscle health
Helps to restore volume

Tidal Waver Value Bundle (SAVE 40%)

$99.00 Regular price $179.00